EEL Congress Prague 2013


You can download the scientific program here. 


Nerve – vessel sparing segmental resection for DIE (ÚPMD Prague) - Bowel DIE with segmental restriction G. Hudelist
Management of complications after radical surgery for DIE G. Hudelist
Small leaks can sink big ships – early diagnosis and management of anastomotic dehiscence T. Birsan
Urological complications of deep endometriosis surgery – risk factors and therapy P. Klézl
Role of microRNA in endometriosis S. D. Schäfer
Circulating endometrial cells: a tool in endometriosis diagnostics and therapy management I. Kiss
Lymph node endometriosis: From the perspective of a pathologist J. Lenz
Morphological aspects of “endometriotic neuropathy” J. Lenz
The Role of Gamma-Synuclein in the pathogenesis of endometriosis N. Csibi
Peritoneal macrophages in endometriosis show an increased M2 response and reduced plasticity Q. Hudson
NANOG, SOX2, SSEA-1, VEGF-Receptor2 and c-Kit expression in the ectopic endometrium of endometriosis. May they identify stem cells niches? M. Sbracia
Alternative Methods in the Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Patients with Endometriosis H. J. Greten
TCM in management of endometriosis J. Bednář
Science or junk? – The hidden rationale of chinese medicine H. J. Greten
Physiotherapy in the management of endometriosis L. Chuchutová
Hello Lucy! Your best friend on hard days! A. Salamon
Debate: First choice – OC or progestins? Progestins T. Römer
Debate: First choice – OC or progestins? OC E. Oral
What is the evidence for post-operative hormonal therapy for the prevention of recurrence? B. Seeber
Long term down regulation with GnRHa prior to IVF in endometriosis patients C. Becker
The future of hormonal therapy in endometriosis A. Horne
A randomized controlled trial: danazol versus GnRH analog as pre-treatment before IVF in women with endometriosis M. Sbracia
The Certification System of SEF and EEL – Experience and future developments M. Sillem
The certification system in the United Kingdom C. Becker
EEL European Masterclass H. Krentel
Certification of endometriosis specialists – why and how S. D. Schäfer
QS ENDO Real: A Stiftung Endometrioseforschung (SEF) Study on the reality of endometriosis care in Germany, Austria and Switzerland S. Vingerhagen Pethick
Diaphragm, inguinal lesions, sacral roots endometriosis H. Roman
Surgery for deep endometriosis affecting urinary tract J. Drahoňovský
Circulating Endometrial Cells in women with spontaneous pneumothorax V. Bobek
The Surgical Treatment of Deeply Infiltrative Endometriosis Involving the Left Sciatic Nerve M. Trhlík
Endometriosis of the urinary bladder and appendix M. Němec
Discoid resection for bowel endometriosis H. Roman
Bowel surgery for DIE - the general surgeon´s view L. Havlůj
NOSE-colectomy versus conventional bowel resection in the treatment of colorectal DIE A. Bokor
Modifications of bowel surgery – avoiding linear staplers and mesorectal flap J. Hanáček
Surgical treatment of colorectal endometriosis: outcome of different surgical techniques and possible complications V. Simedrea
Endometriosis biomarkers: can co-development in academia-industry partnerships result in new and robust non-invasive diagnostic tests? T. D'Hooghe
Delivery after radical surgery for DIE – experience from Bern M. Mueller
Delivery after radical surgery for DIE – experience from Linz P. Oppelt
Obstetrical complications in patients with DIE C. Exacoustos
Online register for complications after delivery in patients with endometriosis S. Enzelsberger
Postpartum hemoperitoneum due to bleeding in the broad ligament - case report G Decker
Sigmoid Colon Perforation in Term Pregnancy – Case Report D. Driák
Diagnostic aspect and presurgical evaluation of pelvic nerves involvement M. S. Hansen
Diagnosis and management of sciatic endometriosis J. D. English
Education in Neuropelveology: Preparing for the tiger territory S. Khazali
Why classify endometriosis? H.-R. Tinneberg
Non-invasive biomarkers for endometriosis C. Becker
E-QUSUM – A system to make classification more precise? J. Metzemaekers
Preoperative assessment/documentation of clinical findings, ultrasound, MRI and more S. Enzelsberger
Deep endometriosis assessment on ultrasound and MRI – comparison based on cEnzian classification system L. Hašlík
Recto-sigmoideal endoscopic ultrasonography is accurate in diagnosis of deep infiltrative endometriosis of rectal and sigmoid wall M. Němec
Learning curve for the detection of deep infiltrating endometriosis and adenomyosis with three-dimensional rectosonography C.-A. Philip
Rectosigmoid deep infiltrating endometriosis – A comparison of sonographic and perioperative assessment of distance from the anal verge M. K. Aas-Eng
Natural growth of deep colorectal endometriosis nodules A. Netter
Amelioration of quality of life after laparoscopic-colectomy for colorectal DIE N. Dobó
Laser treatment of endometrioma: Comparison a diode laser (DWLS) vs bipolar electrocoagulation for achieving haemostasis V. Kovacevic
Cervical Endometriosis: A Case Report M. D. Eşkin Tanrıverdi
Adhesion reduction with 4DryField®PH in endometriosis and other gynecological surgeries: a controlled, retrospective, single center study with second-look laparoscopy N. Ziegler
Is there a place for surgery of deep endometriosis before IVF? M. Nisolle
DIE and pregnancy wish in challenging circumstances: a custom-made strategy H. Roman
Pregnancy rates in women with endometriosis undergoing IVF: an update B. Seeber
Fertility outcomes in women experiencing severe complications after surgery for colorectal endometriosis E. Saridogan
Do frozen oocytes allow pregnancies? A. Cobo
Fertility preservation: for all, for some, for none? L. Benaglia
Medical therapy of adenomyosis and its perspectives E. Oral
Hysterectomy in adenomyosis-endometriosis: when and how G. Pados
Reproductive results of patients with fertility saving procedures for adenomyosis M. Mára
Adenomyosis and IVF, from the evidence based approach B. Urman
Malignant transformation of endometriosis – ovary U. A. Ulrich
Malignant transformation of endometriosis from genetic and pathological aspects – videoconference A. Ayhan
Risk of bowel fistula following surgical management of deep endometriosis of the rectosigmoid: a series of 1,102 cases H. Roman
Associations between pain symptoms and disease extent in deep infiltrating endometriosis E. Montanari
Retrospective evaluation of endometriosis patients from my department with regard to pregnancy and delivery S. D. Schäfer
Consequences of untreated deep endometriosis affecting urinary tract – our surgical outcomes M. Fanta
Treatment of Endometriosis in peri- and postmenopausal women Q.-K. Le
Functional outcomes after disc excision in deep endometriosis of the rectum using transanal staplers with LARS and BENS scores C. Klapczynski
Relationship between patient age and disease features in a prospective cohort of 1,560 women affected by endometriosis H. Roman
Transrectal High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for the management of rectosigmoid Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: Results of phase I clinical trial G. Dubernard
Surgical management of urinary tract endometriosis: a one year longitudinal multicenter study in 31 French hospitals in 2017 C.-A. Philip
Outcomes of surgical treatment for urogenital endometriosis Anton Fedorov
Endometriosis in an Episiotomy Scar and in Labium Minus: Two Case Reports F. T. Selcuki